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The season for home repairs


Ready to give the house some TLC this summer, but not sure where to start? Whether you want to get the house ready for hosting family and friends at Christmas or you’re using the summer break to get those lingering jobs around the home done, it’s sometimes hard knowing where to start.

This week our Hubbies discuss six common summer maintenance jobs to help bring your home up to scratch.

Deck in check
121217 paint

As the year goes by, the deck collects things you haven’t had time to clear up or pack away. Use the time now to really get stuck into the deck – clearing clutter and giving it life with decking oil – as this will be a central entertaining spot over summer. Give your local Hubby a call about a professional clean and polish. This will give your deck an instant ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ appearance. He can also repair any loose or damaged floor boards.



By pressure cleaning windows and walls outside the house, external surfaces will be restored and your home will look close to brand new again. The same applies to driveways and footpaths.


121217 outdoor


With more time spent in the backyard throughout summer, it’s also important to keep your lawn maintained. It’s also snake season, so unruly backyards should be tamed, and free of weeds.



Is the paint starting to peel from your walls, or is the colour of your home looking a bit dull? Avoid getting your hands dirty and have your local Hubby come over to brighten walls inside the house that need a bit of attention.

It’s the small things that count

121217 handyman
Research last year showed that many Aussies left little jobs like fixing the fly screen or a broken towel rack for up to a year to complete. Not to worry if you don’t have the time or skills to fix these nagging jobs, just ask your local Hubby for help.

To have a chat with your local property maintenance expert, call 1800 803 339 or visit the website


Top 5 tools that will have your home handyman cheering this Christmas

Whether it is your dad, partner or brother who is the home handyman, there is never enough tools for the home, so forget socks, jocks and peanuts this Christmas and get him tools that he’ll love.

To help you out, here is a list of our Hubbies’ favourite tools that are sure to make great Christmas gifts.

The Ultimate Tool Kit

If you don’t know where to start, look into tool kits filled with a selection of tools. This 300 piece wall cabinet kit comes with just about all you need for any home DIY project, and better yet the kit is easy to store on your workshop or shed wall. Containing a selection of spanners and sockets, crimpers, pliers, side cutters, screwdrivers, hammers and general hardware, this wall cabinet kit has the right tool for every job.


Must-have Cordless Power Drill


Our Hubbies reckon this is the best thing since sliced bread. No-one likes the bulk and inconvenience of cords, particularly when it comes to drilling. The great thing about these is that depending on your budget, these drills range from $30 to $400. Like a hammer though, you pay for quality.


Straight Line Rolling Tape Measure


Out with the old and in with the new. This upgrade of the conventional measuring tape is relatively new on the market and is a battery-powered, handheld device about the size of a cordless phone. With a display screen that reads out linear distances – in metric or imperial – as it’s rolled along a surface, it’s a handy little device that does all the thinking for you.


Intermediate Multi Tool


A great all-round choice for first-time users, this pocket-sized tool has all the features you need to get your project done. The handy, outside-accessible blades mean you can open the knife with just one hand. The rounded handles make getting a grip around the spring-action jaws easy and very comfortable. All the tools you’ll ever need are in a compact little device, and you’ll never have the problem of tools disappearing on you again.


Reciprocating Saw


Every tool kit should contain a saw. It’s one of those tools that come in very handy over time for jobs in the shed or the backyard. This versatile and easy-to-use saw is ideal for cutting plywood, metal, plastic pipes or pruning the garden.

Check out your local hardware store for these items. If you’d like to talk to your local Hire A Hubby about the best tools for the home handyman, call 1800 803 339 or visit the website


Hiring a tradie for summer jobs

Heading into summer, it’s time to start afresh with the look of your house – polished decks, tidied gardens and repainting – but to get these jobs done properly, it’s usually best to call on the help of an expert.

Particularly if you’re not too good with your hands, it’s better and often cheaper to get a professional in to do it right the first time.

Hire A Hubby is the all-round expert in property maintenance, which means at times we work with a number of tradesmen in specialised fields, so this week we thought we’d offer you five questions to ask before you take on an expert.


1. Are you fully licenced?

Looking up a professional in a phonebook is a good start, but going with recommendations from friends and other tradesmen is the best approach to avoid disappointment. Your local Hire A Hubby will be able to recommend a reliable tradesman. Also, make sure you’ve checked that they’re licensed and insured for the work they do.


2. How long have you been in the business?

Sometimes, finding out how long they have been working in the industry for and asking them how many times they’ve done the particular job you need doing before is worthwhile. If it’s a complex job that you’re after, you should be confident in them being able to do it.


3. How do you like to receive payment?

Agree on how payment will be made before the job commences and make sure you are completely happy with the workmanship before handing over final payment.

4. How many jobs do you currently have on the go?

Getting an indication of what other jobs they have on the go is a wise decision. Too few jobs might be an indication that he’s not that good, and if it’s a lot of jobs, while that shows he’s popular, you have to consider how long it’ll take to complete your job.

5. Can I get three references of your more recent jobs?

It comes back to word of mouth and asking your friends and neighbours for who they use, but don’t be afraid to ask for references.

If you’re looking to commence work this summer, look no further than Hire A Hubby’s website or by calling 1800 803 339.