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What’s hot in home design in 2013

With Channel 9’s The Block kicking off again we have seen some great home décor ideas – and some wacky ones. If you’ve been inspired to update and re-style your home, here are four design trends to take you through 2013.

 1. Emphasis on art

This doesn’t mean you have to make the whole room the art piece as we saw in Kim and Matt’s Jackson Pollock inspired paint splatter room. A large piece of art is a great addition to a living space and using colours from the artwork around the room is one way to blend the room together. Pick one or two colours from the artwork to reflect in the paint or soft furnishings around the room. To really ‘hero’ your piece of art, consider installing a spot light.

130521 yellow chairs

2. A ‘pop’ of colour

This is a trend we have seen on The Block before and it’s a great way to add style to your home. The key here is to choose neutral colours for most of the room and then pick one or two bright colours to repeat a few times around the room. The ‘pop’ of colour could be something large like a lounge or wall or could be something more subtle like cushions, vases, or rugs.

130521 Pop of colour

3. A feature wall

Feature walls have been popular for years because they are a great way to liven up a room. This year it’s all about the patterned feature wall. For a subtle look try a textured wallpaper in similar colours to the rest of the room. If you’re feeling brave pick a bright colour or bold pattern to really up the design stakes. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colours – if you stick to just a couple of colours the contrast can add interest and style to a room. Wallpaper can be tricky though, so it is important to get the right materials and technique to avoid having to restart.

130521 Feature wall

4. Comfortable kitchens

This year we are seeing a return to warm homey kitchens. The sleek, minimal look that has been popular over the last few years is giving way to a more natural and classic style. Materials like wood, slate, and weathered concrete that look ‘vintage’ make for a more lived-in feel. Tiles that look handmade or hand painted are a great way to inject some personal style and can be used on splashbacks, countertops or flooring. Using colour on splashbacks, countertops, and cupboards will also help to warm up a kitchen and move away from the all-white minimal look.

130521 vintage kitchen

How to get the most out of your backyard in winter

The great Aussie backyard: a second living room, a party venue, the heart of summertime fun. But as the days get shorter and cooler you may find your backyard isn’t getting as much use as it deserves. This week our Hubbies offer their thoughts on how to ensure the outdoor space is still inviting during the cooler months.

130515 funky outdoor area

Create a cosy space

This is the key to maintaining an outdoor lifestyle during winter. Consider adding a wall or fence to your deck, patio, or pergola to create a partially enclosed space that provides protection from the weather. Outdoor rugs, cushions, candles, and lounges are great ways to make your space feel more cosy and inviting.

130515 cosy space outdoor

Outdoor heating will add instant appeal during winter and is great for outdoor dining and entertaining. There are many options for outdoor heating, including wall mounted heaters and fire pits. A built-in fire pit can be a stunning feature and what better way to enjoy your backyard during winter than around the fire with friends.

130515 outdoor fire pit


Maximise precious winter sunlight by cutting back trees or plants that may be blocking the sun. You may find you only need to lop off a few branches but remember chainsaws and falling branches can be extremely dangerous if you are inexperienced, so consult a Hubby if you’re beyond your skill level.

Food tip: Don’t forget many healthy and delicious vegetables love the winter months and tending to a veggie patch is a great way to get the family outside. Broccoli, onions, garlic and spinach are perfect for a winter veggie garden, so give your local Hubby a call to bring your vege garden to life.


Bring the outside in

Finally, you can enjoy your backyard even when you’re rugged up inside. Big windows help fight the winter blues and allow the sunshine entry. This may be a good time to have your windows and doors cleaned. High pressure cleaning will remove any grime build-up around window frames and sliding doors. Replacing windows and doors are also options to improve the outlook and French and bi-fold doors are a great way to frame the view.

130515 french doors

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Preparing Your Home for the Property Market

With recent reports showing current interest rates are energising the housing market, we thought we’d offer you five ideas to update your home, adding value for buyers and getting the best sale price.


Winning Backyard

Make sure lawns are in good condition with no weeds. Prune trees and hedges and fertilise any plants that may need some help. If the property has any ocean or countryside views make sure any trees that may block the sight are trimmed or removed. Your local Hire A Hubby can advise you on how best to tackle your backyard.

 Superior Exterior

The exterior is all-important in creating a good first impression. One easy way to freshen it up is with a coat of paint. You should also consider the condition of the roofing too. Tiles may need replacing or cleaning with a high pressure hose, and gutters and drains need clearing. Working on roofs and gutters can be dangerous so please contact the experts if you think it’s beyond your ability or if you don’t have the right equipment.


Repair work

Repairs can markedly improve the appearance of a house. Look at areas that may have sustained wear and tear over time like walls, floors and doors. There may be small (or large) holes and dents in the plaster which can be easily patched up, or chipped paint to be sanded back and repainted. You may have some cracked tiles needing replacing, or hard wood floors that need to be sanded back and re-stained. It’s important to use the right tools and products in all repair jobs, otherwise you may be creating more work for yourself.

 130510 plaster work

Urban update

If your property is a little out-dated there are some simple ways you can update the style. One way is with paint. For selling the home look at neutral colours like off-white and grey, and avoid having too many different colours throughout the house. Also go neutral if you are painting the exterior but also consider the other houses in the neighbourhood as they may provide some clue as to the style and tastes of the area. Replace kitchen and bathroom fixtures are other ways to upgrade your home before selling it.

Paint Brush

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