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How to create a handy home office

The rise of technology based careers means more and more people have the opportunity to work from home. Whether it’s just one day a week, or you base yourself from home, we find most people like to create an environment that separates the home office from the rest of the house. This week we’re taking a look at three important considerations when designing and building the perfect home office. Minimalist design Once upon a time chunky computers, cupboards and cabinets dominated home offices. Now, people tend to take a minimalist approach to home office design. That is, using only the necessary elements (and avoiding office clutter as a result). Think about what you need to work effectively – desk size, storage etc – and then decide on a good combination for the space you’ve got to work with. A great home office doesn’t need a big space (as seen below).

130417 minamalist design

Natural lighting

Does your work involve a lot of writing and reading? If so, you might like to consider a room with natural light (as in the image below). If you don’t have a choice, the alternative is to install suitable lighting. Bringing the outdoors indoors also helps to keep the home office fresh.

130417 natural lighting

Paint colour

You want to choose colours that help boost productivity and make you feel comfortable in the office. Light neutral colours and pastel colours are often best for this as they keep the room feeling fresh and bright. Paint colour can also help isolate the home office from the rest of the living space.

130417 home office

If you’d like to run your home office design ideas by an expert, give your local Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or visit the website www.hireahubby.com.au.

Hire A Hubby’s New Year ‘renovations’

Start 2013 with a bang by getting onto those home improvement projects you decided you couldn’t do last year. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of ways you can get your house looking and feeling new again.

To get you started, our Hubbies are giving you some fresh ideas for around the home before the year gets away from you.

Fresh coat of paint

To start off the New Year, why not give your home a fresh coat of paint inside and out? Ask your local Hubby to come over and give you a quote on all the areas around the home that need refreshing. He can give you the best advice on colour schemes in areas such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.


Renew the fence


Are you guilty of neglecting your fence? While a fence can give your home character, it also protects your property, so make it your resolution this year to repair, replace or renew your property’s boundary. If buying a new fence, consider noise pollution and neighbouring properties.


Install a patio

Do you cross your fingers and hope that it won’t rain every time you plan a barbecue? If so, maybe it’s time you got your local Hubby to build a covered patio for you. This is a great way to not only be able to enjoy your outdoor area more often, but it will add value to your property in the long term.

If you are on a tight budget here are some ways your house can still be restored without emptying the wallet.


Fill the cracks and rid the creaks

Get cracking this New Year and touch up minor wall cracks and creaking doors that remind you of a horror movie. These aren’t a threat to your home’s structure but they will impact your properties sale potential when you’re looking to sell.

If you’ve discovered cracks and creaks and don’t have the skills or the time to fix them up, give your local Hubby a call for some assistance.


Revive the Kitchen (without the overhaul)


Kitchens and bathrooms don’t need brand new countertops to look fresh and state-of-the-art. Instead, new drawer handles are all you need. You can find a range of options at your local home improvement store – ask your Hubby if you need a hand. And, as far as the installation goes, if you can handle a screwdriver you can tackle the work yourself. If this isn’t the case for you, give your local Hubby a call for a hand.

Tackling these jobs early in the year will guarantee a long time before you worry about your house again.

If you find any of these ideas interesting and would like further information or an obligation free quote, call your local Hubby on 1800 803 339 or visit the site at www.hireahubby.com.au.


Makeover Series Part 4: Makeover your house on a budget

This week we’re continuing our home makeover theme with some ideas on how you can ensure you’re focusing on the areas of the home that make the biggest difference.

A dream makeover is often too expensive to think about, so we’ve come up with some simple makeover ideas that should be at the top of your list if you’re after a new look without the hefty price tag.

Painting to change a room:

Try a new colour scheme or ideas like feature walls. A fresh coat of paint will brighten a room and picking a colour scheme can completely change the space without replacing all of your furnishings. Consider adding colour to walls if you have simple furnishings or whites to brighten the room, make it appear larger and put the focus on coloured furnishings. Using colours, or lack of, you can easily change the entire aesthetic and mood of a room.


Update your lighting:

Adding a unique light fixture to a room is a simple way to change up the space. Statement pieces like vintage chandeliers or modern light fittings can make simple rooms appear elegant or add character. Modern statement pieces will add style to the room and older metal style lights add rustic, country charm to the room, especially in older or wooden spaces. You can often find great vintage light fixtures online or in secondhand furniture stores. Ask your local Hire A Hubby about best practice installation.

Revamp your outside spaces:

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside but is often left aside during a renovation or makeover. Adding gardens or outside living spaces can not only make the appearance of your home so much more appealing, but a good courtyard is a great place to utilise when hosting friends and family. Our Hubbies can help you whether you want to build the kids a cubby house, plant a garden, build a deck and entertainment area, or even help make a space-saver garden.


New flooring:

Installing new carpet, wood or tile flooring is an easy way to make areas look brand new. With the wide range of flooring available on the market, ask your local Hubby about the best fit for your house. Floor work is always best done by a professional as fixing dodgy DIY work can end up costing far more than getting it done professionally in the first place.

Alternatively, if you have existing wooden floors, why not have them sanded back and restained? It will remove all those wear and tear scratches and scuffs and you can make the floors lighter or darker to suit your tastes or desired room aesthetic.

Clean, clean, clean:

A clean, tidy home always looks like new but we mean more than just dusting and vacuuming. Professional high pressure water cleaning removes any dirt, mould or stains on your paths, driveways and outside areas to make them look like new again. Ask your local Hubby if you think there’s an area around your home that needs a good clean.

If you think it’s time you did something about making over your home, call Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339 to organise an obligation free quote or simply visit the website www.hireahubby.com.au.

Makeover Series Part 2: Kitchen

Makeover Series Part 2: Kitchen

Last week, we offered some advice on getting started with a home makeover – budgeting, quoting and timing. This week, our Hubbies are exploring some simple ways to makeover your kitchen.

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in many Australian homes and whether you have a timber house, brick home, unit or townhouse, there’s no denying it’s often the first room to show signs of aging.

Is your kitchen reminding you of a set on the Brady Bunch? Cupboards looking a little sad? Floor stains too much to look at? Don’t panic. The great thing about kitchens is there are easy, cost-effective ways to update them on a limited budget.

Here are a few tips to get you thinking.


You’ll hear us say this a lot, but painting does wonders. It is a cost-effective way to brighten up most areas. Almost all surfaces can be brought to life with a fresh lick of paint. Talk to an expert about the best type of paint for your given surface. When choosing a colour scheme, brights are a great way to give an area life but don’t overdo it and make sure your brights are mixed with neutral shades.


Got lime green cupboards hanging off their hinges? Talk to one of our Hubby’s about giving them a makeover. There are so many options on the market for finishes – stainless steel, wood veneer or even sanding and painting. Replacing old handles will give your cupboards an upgrade. Look for slim, modern handles that avoid showing finger marks. Don’t opt for cheap materials, as they don’t tend to last as long.


Changing your kitchen lighting is a simple and cheap way to give your kitchen a totally fresh appearance. Good lighting illuminates space and gives it atmosphere. There are a number of different lighting options to choose from, ask your local Hire A Hubby for advice on lighting and arranging installation.

If you’ve got ideas you’d like to discuss with an expert, call Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339 for an obligation free quote or visit the website www.hireahubby.com.au for other property maintenance ideas.

Spring cleaning help from Hire a Hubby

Spring is just around the corner and the daunting spring clean is looming in the distance. Many people simply declutter and clean the home but here at Hire a Hubby we can help you go the extra mile and make your home shine inside and out.

This week our Hubbies have a list of jobs that are often left out of the average spring clean but make a huge difference to your home.


1.    Maintenance

Once the house is sparkling clean, it’s important to make sure everything is in working order. If your home needs a little repairing in places, our Hubbies can help you out.

Our services include carpentry, gyprock repairs, doors & locks, repairs & maintenance, landscaping, fencing and more. Don’t wait any longer – replace that broken fly screen, patch up the small holes and nicks in the wall or consider regrouting any old tiled areas.


2.    Outdoor Cleaning

Outdoor surfaces can quickly lose their looks as they get mouldy or dirty. High pressure cleaning is a great way to remove stains, dirt and mould from outdoor surfaces, doors, windows and more. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any spring clean to make everything look brand new again.


3.     Renovations and makeovers

Why not get that dream kitchen or bigger bathroom you want? Whether you just want to freshen up what you’ve already got or start with something completely new, our Hubbies can help improve the quality and value of your home.


4.     Painting

Most homeowners discover that DIY painting is difficult and the end result is almost always noticeably inferior to a professional job. Whether you simply need help painting a feature wall or painting the whole interior or exterior of the home, our Hubbies are able to provide the service you need. Fixing a DIY paint job is often harder and more expensive than getting it done professionally in the first place so why waste your hard earned time and money?


5.      Fire Safety

As the weather warms up it’s important to ensure your home isn’t a fire risk. Get our Hubbies to replace your smoke alarm batteries or ask them about a gutter cleaning service to remove clogged debris and prevent overspill. They can even install gutter guards to ensure leaves and debris don’t become lodged in the gutters in the first place.

Our Hubbies can also assist your spring clean by mowing lawns and doing garden maintenance or they can build the kids a great cubby house in the backyard.

Give Hire a Hubby a call for an obligation free quote on 1800 803 339 or visit our website www.hireahubby.com.au.

Treat yourself to a Hubby with your tax return

It’s tax time and if you’re lucky you might just find yourself with a few extra pennies in your pocket. Why not put your tax return to good use this year and call on the help of one of our Hubbies to tackle those home maintenance jobs you’ve let fall by the wayside.

This week, our hubbies suggest some jobs around the home you could put your tax return towards.


Changing light bulbs in hard to reach places

Everyone has light bulbs around the home that have blown and not been changed simply because they’re out of reach. Whether you have high ceilings or tricky outdoor lights, locate all the bulbs around your home that need replacing and call one of our Hubbies out to help.


Tax time also signals another exciting time of year; school holidays. There are bound to be more sticky fingers and grubby hands touching the walls and post-holidays might be the perfect time to have your walls painted. You might also want to consider brightening up the room by introducing some colour in the form of a feature wall. Our Hubbies are experts when it comes to painting, so start looking at colour swatches and use your tax return to bring a new lease of life to the interior of your home.

Building a cubby house

Fancy building your child a play house? Every child dreams of having a secret hideaway in the backyard so why not use some extra cash to build the kids a cubby house. There are plenty of design inspirations online. Consider a suitable shaded area in the backyard and call on your local Hire A Hubby to get a quote.

Garage shelving

If your garage looks cluttered and tools are getting misplaced it’s probably time to enforce some organisation. One simple way of bringing order to the chaos is to build a shelf. Remember, if you’re going to build a fixed position wall shelf it’s important to consider the position and method when attaching it to the wall. If you’re not confident, give Hire A Hubby a call for a free quote.

Give our Hubbies a call on 1800 803 339 to put your tax return to good use by ticking off some of those lingering home maintenance jobs. Visit www.hireahubby.com.au this month to get a free To Do List fridge magnet.