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Top 5 Holiday Jobs with Hubby tips

When the extended family announces plans to descend on your house for Christmas there are always jobs to be done before they turn up.

You don’t want Nan to see the paint chipping away on the front fence, or worse.

So in the great Australian spirit of last-minute home renovation we present the Hire A Hubby top five holiday jobs with hubby tips to get you out of trouble this Christmas.

Remember though, for best results call the professionals – 1800 803 339.

  1. 1.   Painting

Whether it’s the front fence or around the house, painting can be a time consuming and tedious job, luckily we’re here to help.

  • Ensure the area being painted is as clean as possible. Dust, dirt, hair and old paint chips left on the surface are a big painting no-no and look terrible when painted over.
  • Outdoor painting is a job best avoided on very hot, sunny days. Not only is it hard work for you, direct sun can make the paint become dry and tacky before you’ve finished.
  • Don’t forget painting tip 101 – long vertical strokes are always best. Paint along the grain of the timber, not across it.
  1. 2.   Minor Plastering

Small holes in plaster walls can be fixed easily and without too much fuss, as long as you are careful and patient.

  • Make sure you have the right tools for the job. For any minor plastering work you’ll likely need protective gloves, a utility knife, sponge and correct filler cement for your wall surface.
  • Make sure the area is as clean as possible and free of dirt, dust and plaster.
  • Be patient. Once you have applied the first round of wall cement it can take four hours or more to dry. Make sure you wait until the filler is completely set before doing anything else to the wall.
  1. 3.   Fencing & Carpentry

It might be replacing fence palings or constructing that cubby or sandpit for the kids, whatever the carpentry job, these tips will help.

  • Use the right tools for the job. Do yourself a favour and ensure you have all the proper tools before you even start. You’ll thank us later.
  • If you’re using conventional nails, watch out at the ends of pieces of wood. Regular nails are pointed and they can easily cause splits. Either dull the nail tip or pre-drill a small hole to avoid splitting.
  • Practice any tricky techniques before you attempt them on your project and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Ensure you try out any joining techniques on spare bits of timer at least once first.
  1. 4.   Deck Maintenance

Most people spend much of summer on the deck. But often this area is left untouched throughout the rest of the year which can cause major problems.

  • Decks will develop mildew after extended periods of moisture or rain. To remedy this you will need to apply a professional deck cleaning product.
  • Once the deck has been thoroughly cleaned ensure you re-seal your deck with the appropriate re-sealer product.
  • Finally once the timber is properly cleaned and sealed, make sure you choose a high quality deck paint or stain treatment. Ideally this will offer U.V protection as well as a mildewcide.
  • Remember you may need to reapply your deck treatment as often as once a year so remember to check your deck for signs of deterioration.


  1. 5.   Gutters and Roofing

Australian summer storms can cause major problems when gutters are clogged or damaged, so follow these tips to keep your gutters looking great.

  • All roofing and guttering will deteriorate over time, but pay special attention to metal surfaces. They can deteriorate very quickly if not looked after and kept free of debris.
  • Debris in gutters that are already rusting can accelerate deterioration, particularly where the leaf litter creates an acidic environment (e.g. pine needles).
  • Check your roof and guttering regularly, especially after storms. Deterioration can be suddenly accelerated after storm activity and high winds.
  • The simplest thing you can do to maintain clean gutters is cut back overhanging trees.

Don’t forget, it may be easier and cheaper to have a professional carry out these holiday jobs for you, especially if you’re short on time. So if you need more help, call us on 1800 803 339 or visit for more information.



Last week we were proud as punch to be able to donate $10,659.15 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Hire A Hubby CEO Brendan Green presented the cheque to the Foundation’s CEO Anthony Lowe at Foundation HQ in Sydney.

(Hire A Hubby CEO Brendan Green and Prostate Cancer Foundation CEO Anthony Lowe)

It was a proud moment for us at Hire A Hubby, as the cheque handover represented the culmination of much hard work from our dedicated franchisees raising money for the cause.

The donation drive was kicked off at our Hire A Hubby National Conference held in Darwin in late August, where our Hubbies raised around $5,000 on the night.

Then, throughout the month of September, Hire A Hubby Franchisees hit the streets with donation cans in-hand encouraging customers to make a gold coin donation to the cause.

(Hire A Hubby Franchise Representatives with their Prostate Cancer Foundation collection tins)

Some franchisees even ran stands at their local fairs and shopping centres to raise money and awareness.

Men’s health is an issue that’s close to our hearts at Hire A Hubby and prostate cancer is at the top of the list of major health issues for Aussie blokes in 2011. Why?

  • Each year in Australia, close to 3,300 men die of prostate cancer – equal to the number of women who die from breast cancer annually.
  • Around 20,000 new cases are diagnosed in Australia every year
  • Each day about 32 men learn that they have prostate cancer
  • One man every three hours will lose his battle against prostate cancer
  • One in 9 men in Australia will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime
  • Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Australian men and is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in men

So if you’re 50 or over you should be talking with your GP about being tested for prostate cancer and if you have a family history of prostate cancer you should be doing this from age 40.

We’re incredibly proud of our Hubby’s for their huge effort raising this fantastic donation and we couldn’t be happier to re-affirm our commitment to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia for 2012.

We already have some exciting initiatives planned and hope to raise even more money for men’s health next year.

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Funny name, seriously handy

Hello from Hire A Hubby – Australia’s most trusted home handyman and property maintenance service – and welcome to the HubbyBlog.

Hire A Hubby has been operating as a national handyman franchise business since 1996. We fill the gap between traditional home services businesses (mowing, cleaning etc) and expensive tradespeople used for large scale building and renovation jobs.

Hire A Hubby franchisees can do carpentry, fencing, painting, tiling, plastering, roofing, doors and windows, locks and screens, repairs, property maintenance and more at prices that won’t break the bank.

Our franchisees are much more than average tradies. For starters, they don’t look like labourers.You’ll recognise a Hire A Hubby operator a mile away in their clean, pressed magenta and black uniforms. We also enforce a strict no ‘plumbers crack’ policy.

Hire A Hubby franchisees are selected based on established handyman skills, attention to detail and a focus on customer service. What’s more, Hire A Hubby handymen work from a quote system, not by the hour, meaning you know what you’ll be paying up-front, before any work begins.

Our handymen are accredited, security checked and fully insured, so you can rest assured we’re trained and certified to handle almost any task you can throw at us.

Each week we’ll be posting handy hints and tips articles about renovation and home maintenance as well as deals, promotions and info about Hire A Hubby right here on our blog!

So be sure to check back here regularly or subscribe to stay up to date.

For more information about us or to book a hubby visit or call us toll free on 1800 803 339.