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Spring life back into your outdoor furniture

Is the furniture on your patio or deck looking a little old? After being exposed to the elements throughout the year, it’s easy to see why outdoor furniture can start to look at a little worse for wear.

The good news is it only takes a little bit of elbow grease – and maybe other oils and paints – to restore its rustic charm, so this week we thought we’d give you a step-by-step guide on how to spring your outdoor wooden furniture back to life.


Outdoor furniture has an uncanny knack of gathering dust, dirt, leaves and cobwebs, so the first step is to give it a good clean before you get to work on restoring it. Use a brush or broom to give it a good scrub, and then give it a good hose down.



Flaking and peeling paint is a telltale sign of weathered furniture. It also seals in moisture causing the wood to rot. The next step in restoring timber furniture is stripping it down to its natural wood.


The next step involved removing rough surfaces by sanding down the piece, going with the grain of the wood. The effort put into this stage affects the overall result and it will be made easier if a good job has been done with the stripping.



The furniture may now look like it’s been robbed of all colour but a stain will quickly remedy this. Apply the stain with a rag or a brush and leave time for it to penetrate through the wood (the longer it is left on, the darker it will be). Wipe off any excess stain with a clean rag and allow it to dry.



Finishes are the final protective layer for your furniture piece. There are plenty of options to choose from with different application methods but varnishes are generally popular because of its durability and high-gloss shine. Whichever you choose, follow the instructions on the packaging to finish with a flourish.



For more information on working with wood, give your local Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or visit the website www.hireahubby.com.au.

Remove winter gunk with a spring pressure clean

Has mould, grime, grease or algae built up around your home during the cooler months? Driveways, eaves, windows, patios and decks are hot property for winter gunk, and it only becomes more noticeable as the weather improves.

Unlike in years past when a hose and scrubbing brush meant cleaning the home exterior was a multiple-weekend job, pressure cleaning makes removing exterior gunk relatively simple – and you guessed it, spring is the perfect time to do it.

Pressure Cleaning 1

High pressure cleaning combines air and water and sometimes cleaning chemicals to quickly blast surfaces clean. It’s an effective way to clean large surface areas without using excessive water and cleaning agents and through periodic cleaning you can prevent long-term depreciation to your home.

Here are some of our tips for spring pressure cleaning:

High and low pressure

Ensure you’re using the right machine with the right pressure output for the surface you’re cleaning. For example, washing the outside of your house only requires low pressure cleaning as it’s less abrasive and won’t remove paint. Likewise, timber decks can be damaged if the pressure is too high.

Safety first

Always wear protective equipment for property maintenance. When using any pressure cleaner – low or high – goggles and enclosed footwear should be worn and the nozzle should never be directed at any part of the body.

Call the experts

Know your limits and consult a professional if the job is beyond your skill level. High pressure cleaning for heavy duty tasks such as cleaning concrete, the driveway or roofs should really be left to the experts. Professionals consider different attachments, pressure settings, the use of hot or cold water, and whether or not chemicals should be used.


Seal of approval

A relevant sealer such as paint or decking oil will prevent the need for regular cleaning and make cleaning next time much easier. However, ensure the surface has dried before application.

For more information on pressure cleaning an area around your home, visit www.hireahubby.com.au or call your local ‘Hubby’ on 1800 803 339.

Preparing Your Home for the Property Market

With recent reports showing current interest rates are energising the housing market, we thought we’d offer you five ideas to update your home, adding value for buyers and getting the best sale price.


Winning Backyard

Make sure lawns are in good condition with no weeds. Prune trees and hedges and fertilise any plants that may need some help. If the property has any ocean or countryside views make sure any trees that may block the sight are trimmed or removed. Your local Hire A Hubby can advise you on how best to tackle your backyard.

 Superior Exterior

The exterior is all-important in creating a good first impression. One easy way to freshen it up is with a coat of paint. You should also consider the condition of the roofing too. Tiles may need replacing or cleaning with a high pressure hose, and gutters and drains need clearing. Working on roofs and gutters can be dangerous so please contact the experts if you think it’s beyond your ability or if you don’t have the right equipment.


Repair work

Repairs can markedly improve the appearance of a house. Look at areas that may have sustained wear and tear over time like walls, floors and doors. There may be small (or large) holes and dents in the plaster which can be easily patched up, or chipped paint to be sanded back and repainted. You may have some cracked tiles needing replacing, or hard wood floors that need to be sanded back and re-stained. It’s important to use the right tools and products in all repair jobs, otherwise you may be creating more work for yourself.

 130510 plaster work

Urban update

If your property is a little out-dated there are some simple ways you can update the style. One way is with paint. For selling the home look at neutral colours like off-white and grey, and avoid having too many different colours throughout the house. Also go neutral if you are painting the exterior but also consider the other houses in the neighbourhood as they may provide some clue as to the style and tastes of the area. Replace kitchen and bathroom fixtures are other ways to upgrade your home before selling it.

Paint Brush

If you need help or advice with your home improvement ideas please give your local Hire A Hubby a call for an obligation free quote on 1800 803 339 or visit the website www.hireahubby.com.au.

Preparing for Australia Day


Australia Day is this Saturday, which means households across the nation will be hosting BBQs and spending the day lounging around decks and backyard pools. This week our Hubbies are giving you some tips on how to make the most of the space around your house to host the best Aussie Day bash yet.



If you don’t regularly use your deck, balcony or veranda and it’s in desperate need of some attention, it would be a good idea to get your local Hire A Hubby to come over and fix up a few things. It’s surprising what a coat of oil, or repainting and replacing broken railings can do for the overall look of the area.


There’s bound to be a game of backyard cricket at some stage throughout the day, so If your lawn or garden is looking a bit unruly, ask your local Hire A Hubby to come out and tidy it up for you.

Create a ‘you beaut’ garden atmosphere by placing pot plants around the perimeter of your backyard and seating facing inwards to create intimacy.


No Pool? No worries!


Remember to plan for a hot day by ensuring you’ve got adequate shade. Try to use the space inside your home as well as outside to not only maximise space, but to give people a chance to escape the heat. Some other old tricks are investing in a wading pool, stocking up on ice-blocks and having plenty of cold water on hand!


If there’s something you’d like to do around the house before Australia Day, give your local Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 for a free job quote or visit the website www.hireahubby.com.au for further ideas.

Makeover Series Part 5: Top 10 things people wish they had added to their makeover and missed

Renovation and home makeovers are great low risk ways to add value to your home or investment property. There are thousands of concepts out there to help you make over your home exactly how you want it. However, many people miss out on important and sometimes tiny details that could have enhanced their makeover.

This week, our Hubbies are sharing a list of 10 things people wish they had added to their makeover.

1.  Lighting up, naturally
Good light in a house makes a huge impression, lifting the spirits of everyone who steps inside. Adding skylights to dark internal rooms or opening up areas with bi-fold doors or larger windows is always rewarded by a higher sale price and an improved state of mind for the owner while they are living there.

2.  Storage

Incorporating plenty of storage into your renovation is not only practical for day to day living but will also allow the house to appear immaculate and organised indicating a clean, well maintained property

3.  Offer a warm welcome

Revamp the entrance to your home by painting the front door in a strong colour, such as red or blue, updating doorway furniture and the entrance mat. This shows your home is up-to-date and well maintained.

4.  Insulation

People will often make the mistake of not going green with their home project for two reasons: (A) They don’t know how to, and (B) they think it costs more money. If you’re doing your renovation “green and clean”, you’re ahead of the market and it’s probably a smart investment.

5.  Roof

When considering house renovations, many people leave out the roof. Your house should always have a solid roof and the perfect time to get it done is when planning house renovations. Have a ‘Hubby’ come in to have an extensive look and advise on the other things that can be done in a cost effective way.

6.  Tap Ware

It’s easy to dismiss tap ware as a minor detail, but the sink is one of the first places to which the eye is drawn when entering a kitchen. Replacing dated tap ware with new design, matching taps, or taps that link aesthetically, you’re bringing a sense of cohesion to the house. Good taps also suggest good plumbing.

7.  Choosing the right timber flooring

People don’t realize the variety in timber homeowners can choose from for their flooring and tend not to spend too much time selecting what is right.

In broad timber terms there are two different categories of woods – softwood and hardwood. Softwoods are considered inferior to hardwoods for many purposes, but they do have their place in the woodworking world for specific jobs. In building, they are commonly used for the framework of houses and areas such as lining boards and cladding. Hardwoods by comparison are heavy, strong and stable. They are used predominantly for piers, flooring, decking and in most timber furniture.

8.  Using the wrong paint

There is paint for just about every surface and choosing the wrong type for a particular project is more common than you may think. Flat paint is basically for your ceilings and sometimes for your walls, whereas semi-gloss paint is suitable for trim in a bathroom or in a dining room. The glossy will give it a more upscale look.

9.  Forgetting to update the electrical system

Walk through your home with an electrician before you start to talk about outlets, where they are and where you’d like new outlets. Ask your local Hire A Hubby for a good local electrician.

10.  Make the most of the space in the backyard

Aussies love their backyards, and with that comes a spacious deck to have family and friends over for a barbeque. Make sure not to underestimate the amount of space you need for this entertainment space when renovating.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start with your grand makeover plan, call Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339 to talk through your ideas and to get an obligation free quote.