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Secret to the perfect summer lawn

Grass really can be greener when properly maintained through our harsh Australian summer, even without using excessive amounts of water and chemicals. This week we’re giving you tips on how to keep your lawn in tip top shape throughout the hotter months.


The key to nice lawn is frequent maintenance as this forces the grass to grow thick and keeps out weeds. This is the problem most people face because they don’t have the time to mow, or they leave it until it’s unruly to do something about it. Luckily, people like your local Hubby are on hand to help out! The rule-of-thumb with mowing is to only cut off one-third of grass each time as this encourages the grass roots to grow deeper, creating a strong base that becomes more resistant to disease and requires less water. Always mow the lawn when it is completely dry as mowing a wet lawn will compact the soil and the roots won’t be able to breathe.


Daily watering is unnecessary and encourages shallow roots which can weaken grass. Most grass will tell you when it needs a drink, so here are two signs of thirst:
– The soil resists when you push a screwdriver into the ground;
– Footprints across the lawn remain compressed; and

– It is a very light green colour.
If you don’t have an in-ground irrigation or sprinkler system a light water with a hose works fine, but ensure the whole surface gets an equal amount of water. Try to avoid midday watering or night water – the best time to water is in the early morning.


It’s not a necessity but some people like to use fertilizer on their lawn. Fertilizer stimulates grass growth but too much will mean you need to mow more often. Excessive fertilizer use is also bad for the environment as the chemicals can wash into nearby creeks, clogging them with algae, so be mindful.

Pest control

Ideal grass is thick and free of weeds however it’s not always that simple.A few weeds can be pulled out by hand but if you need more assistance it might be worthwhile calling your local Hire A Hubby.

Embrace your lawns this summer and if you need a hand in the backyard, give your local Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or visit the website

Street Appeal – A guide to hotting up the outside of your home

Street appeal, as the name suggests, is how attractive your home looks from the street. Some houses radiate it – they are so visually attractive that you find yourself marvelling at their beauty every time you walk or drive past. Others aren’t so vibrant, so this week Hire A Hubby is offering five ways you can hot up the outside of your home to turn it into the best looking house on the block.

The Perfect Fence

Your fence not only provides a barrier to keep children and pets in (and unwanted guests out) but it adds aesthetic value that distinguishes your home from others on the street. A fence of the right style, colour and size can make a big impression. Make sure it doesn’t dominate your home though – the key is to make sure your fence is high enough to be functional without blocking the view of your home. Have a Hubby come over and inspect what fence would suit your home.

A freshly painted house

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…a fresh coat of paint does wonders for a house. Ask your local Hubby to help you find a colour scheme that suits the style and era of your home and blends well with surrounding houses in your street. If you don’t want to paint the whole house, touch up on the trim and front door.

Renewed Roof

It’s often overlooked when it comes to improving your home’s appearance, but there’s no point repainting your house if the roof looks stained and grubby. All your roof needs every now and again is a good spray with a power hose.

An Abundant Garden

If you plant flowers and plants in your front garden, you won’t believe the bursts of colour and texture it will add to the front of your home. Choose plants that are known for their fragrance such as lavender and jasmine and ask your local Hubby about the best place to position them in your front yard.

Effective Lighting

Bring your home to life after sunset with solar powered lights fitted in the garden beds. These accentuate any features you want to stand out from the street like trees, awnings and windowsills.

Now is the perfect time to get your house into shape with friends and family coming around to enjoy the summer afternoons. Next time they come around they may miss your house on the street, but that just means you’ve done your job properly! For more information about Hire A Hubby’s services and how they can help you change the appearance of your home give your local Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or visit the website

This summer season’s makeover trends

With summer almost upon us, Hire A Hubby thought it might be time to embrace the warm weather with five of the ‘hottest’ home makeover ideas to make the most out of your home.

1. Wall collages

Haven’t had the time to hang those pictures up? Walls looking tired? Why not make a wall collage with photographs of family, friends, travel or artworks and liven up that bare wall. To work out how you want to group your frames, lay the largest on the floor and gradually add the smaller frames. To have your frames professionally aligned and spaced, give your local Hubby a call.

2. Splash of colour

Splashes of colour are on trend at the moment. Whether you’re thinking about painting a feature wall or an entire room, adding colour to a room instantly gives it a bright and fresh look. If you don’t want to paint a whole wall but want to add a splash of colour, consider painting window and door trims bright colours. Traditionally, all of the trim in a home is white, so infuse a space with excitement by painting the trim a fun shade. Have you locally Hubby come around and do it in no time.

3. Create an outdoor retreat

When the weather warms up it’s time to extend your living area outside. It’s easy to transform your outside area into an inviting, comfortable space where you can entertain friends or simply curl up with a book. Alfresco is a huge trend at the moment, so throw open the doors and reclaim open spaces. By giving your outdoor space a fresh coat of paint and investing in indoor-inspired-outdoor-furniture you are on your way to creating your own outdoor retreat ready for summer.

4. Shelving

Another way to liven up a bare wall and create handy storage units is installing shelves. Strategically placing objects and personal belongings on the shelves decorates the wall and at the same time creates storage space for those objects you don’t want to hide away in a cupboard. Having trouble finding where to start? Call Hire A Hubby and tell him your shelving plans.

5. Want less lawn?

If mowing the lawn on a hot summer’s day isn’t appealing to you, why not turn your backyard into a stone and pebble floor feature? Whether covering a large or small area, these floor designs limit the use of water and are much easier to maintain than lawn. Placing plants amongst the pebbles adds texture and colour to the feature. Have your local Hubby come over and talk to you about how to get started and the best stones to choose.

Like these ideas but think you may need some help? Give your local Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or visit the website

Making your home eco-friendly

How environmentally responsible are you at home? Ever thought of the cost your livelihood has on the environment (or on your wallet)?

This week our ‘Hubbies’ are sharing five handy tips to transform your home into an eco-haven to help you save money and do something good for Mother Nature.

Installing insulation

As discussed in an earlier post about what people wish they had added to their home makeover, people generally don’t think about installing insulation in their home. The Australian summer, as we all very well know, can be unbearable at times resulting in people blasting their air-conditioners. This may be a saviour to the hot weather, but at the same time it hurts the environment and stings your pocket.

Have a think about installing insulation in the roof of your home; the benefits include all year round reduction of heat entering the home through the ceiling and decrease in energy costs. Ask your local Hire A Hubby for more details.

Environmentally friendly windows

Choose the best windows and glazing for your climate. After insulation, it’s the next cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable all year round. A lot of heat passes in and out through windows and doors, so the type of glass and frames you choose can make a world of difference. PVC frames, for example, offer great insulating qualities and are low maintenance.


Use paving materials that let water soak through rather than run off into the stormwater drain. Speak to one of our Hubby’s about the best options for pavements around your home that don’t seal off the natural environment. These options range from well-laid paving, gravel, crushed quartz and washed river pebbles and provide a long-lasting, low maintenance surface.

Second-hand timber

Whether you are building a cubby house for the kids, garden shed or a backyard fence ask your local Hire A Hubby about using recycled timber.

Replace light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs lasts six times longer than standard light bulbs. Not only do you change them less often, but you use up to 80 percent less energy. Next time Hire A Hubby comes around to change your light bulbs, ask them about energy saving light bulbs.

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