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Makeover Series Part 3: Bathroom

Last week we covered tips on renovating your kitchen and how important it is to keep the most used area in your home looking top notch.

This week we are looking at possibly the second most used area in the home, your bathroom and they don’t need to be boring, functional areas. Today’s bathrooms are lavish areas where you can express your personal style through creative tile combinations, beautiful baths and stylish tap ware.


There is no denying tiles are the best finish for a bathroom. Easy to clean, durable and so many colour options, it’s the perfect way to revamp any old bathroom. If the space is small go for large light tiles and grout-less for a modern sharp appearance. Ceramic tiles are affordable and come in a variety of colours and finishes, but if you are really looking to splash out check out porcelain. Always invest in sealing the grout (if budget allows) for longevity.


Painting your bathroom can lift it instantly, but don’t be fooled as this small area can be a little more tricky than it seems. High humidity, frequent use and poor ventilation makes the bathroom more susceptible to mould and mildew. You will need to select a wet area friendly paint that will help prevent mould build up over time. Walls will need to be cleaned thoroughly and all fittings removed before the job is started. When it comes to selecting colours, be sure it matches all of your existing colour schemes if you are not updating these as well.


With so many options on the market, tap ware and shower heads are no longer an easy item to select. Consider first the style of your bathroom, are you going for a modern sleek look or a classic, embellished style. Tap ware is one area where cheapest is not always best, as high use and often the need for a professional to replace, means investing wisely first time round can save money in the long run. For showerheads the same principles apply, look for something water saving and if you want to make cleaning the shower easy look for a hand shower set that you can remove from the wall.

Shower, Bath and Vanity

Small spaces can be maximised by minimalist styles such as a frameless shower and an under-mounted sink however, luxury usually comes with the appropriate price tag! If frameless isn’t in your budget go for a metal frame that has slimmer lines. If you are looking to make a statement with your vanity, you can find beautiful stone basins and benches. For the budget makeover Laminex looks great and you can opt for a semi-recessed sink. A vanity to ceiling mirror can really make the area seem bigger. If you have a bit more space, then an elegant bath is what you are after. There are so many shapes and styles available to make your bathroom really stand out and have that resort feel.

There are some fantastic options on the market and prices to suit even the leanest of budgets. Upgrading your bathroom can really add value to a home but it is a big job and unless you’re pretty well versed in home renovation it’s an area best not tackled by yourself. Talk to Hire a Hubby about options for helping you when upgrading your bathroom – call the boys on 1800 803 339.

Choosing flooring: What are my options?

A number of factors come into consideration when choosing the best floor for your home like the climate you live in, the size and age of your family, and the style you wish to pursue. Not to mention price. It’s not just about choosing timber over carpet, but whether laminated timber effect suits your taste (and budget) over hardwood.

This week our Hubbies give you a run-down on the different types of flooring to help you decide what would best suit you.

Carpet. Carpet flooring can be less expensive and easy to install. It is generally easy to maintain by vacuuming but is susceptible to stains. If you live in a cold climate or a timber house, carpets add warmth to the room and also provide comfort for young children. If you’re a busy household, your carpets may need replacing after 5 years.

Hardwood floors. Timber floors are built to last and are renowned for being sturdy and strong. When polished, they look fantastic but they are also exposed to scratches from furniture such as chairs and tables. They are very easy to maintain through dusting, sweeping and vacuuming and can last 10-15 years if looked after well.

Laminate floors. These are a popular choice for home renovators and first time home buyers looking for a modern appearance without the large price tag. These floors can appear like timber or tile and their versatility means they last up to 10 years.

Tiles. Often you’ll find tiles in the bathroom because they are durable and decorative, but they are less common in the living room. While they appear easy to clean, the grout seams can make it quite difficult, so style and surfaces are important considerations. They can also be quite cold in cooler months. A reseal and grout strip after 10-15 years is often required.

Make sure you choose flooring that suits your taste, budget, practicality and home design. There are plenty of great options out there and shopping around is the best way to go about finding the right price for you.

If you’d like to find out any further information call Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339 of visit www.hireahubby.com.au.