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Hire A Hubby tips for the perfect Australia Day BBQ!

Australia Day is almost upon us and if you’re lucky enough to have a nice deck and own a shiny big six burner, chances are you’ve been nominated to hold the BBQ lunch for your friends and family…Yikes!

Luckily some of our Hubbies fancy themselves as barbeque masterchefs. They pitched in with these tips, so you’ve got no excuse not to serve up the finest Aussie snags and steaks on January 26.

1.    Clean your BBQ and entertaining area
You don’t want your nearest and dearest seeing your grubby outdoor area, or worse, your filthy BBQ plate! Take some time in advance to sort out your deck (Perhaps check out last week’s blog post) and BBQ. Heat up your BBQ and Using a metal brush, scrape down the hotplate and grill bars. You can then remove any accumulated fat and debris with paper towels.

2.    Preheat your grill

If you’re going to get a good crust on your food and that lovely BBQ flavour, you need your grill plate to be hot before you get started. Preheating also gives you an opportunity to give the BBQ a quick clean and scrape down if you were a little lazy with cleaning last time you used it.

3.     Avoid excess poking, prodding and flipping

It takes time for your meat to develop that lovely golden brown crust and it won’t happen if you’re continually flipping your steaks or snags. Only turn meat once or twice, don’t squash everything down and avoid pricking your sausages, it lets all the lovely juices out.

4.    Charred black is no good

Huge gouts of flames shooting up from your BBQ from excess oil or marinade may look impressive, but the end result is usually black, flavourless meat. For best results ensure your meat is well drained of excess marinade and cut off any excess fat, your taste buds will thank you.

5.    Don’t forget to rest!

If you immediately cut into a piece of un-rested meat, you’ll see juices run out all over your plate. Leaving the meat to sit for up to five minutes will mean all the lovely moisture and flavour stays in the steak, not on the plate. It’s all about letting the muscle fibres relax and take back the juices after the high heat of the BBQ.

And remember – if you’ve got last minute home maintenance jobs that need doing in time for your Australia Day Party, call the experts at Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339 or visit


Don’t neglect your deck! 7 Top Summer Deck Maintenance tips

Summer is in full swing meaning celebrations, family and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

If you have a deck or patio chances are it’s getting lots of use right now and you want it looking top notch for family and visitors.

Most people neglect their deck over the cooler months, meaning by summer rain, humidity and debris build-up have taken their toll.

Luckily this week’s blog post features tips from the experts at Hire A Hubby for ensuring your deck looks fantastic all summer long.

1.    Get down and scrub

For the best and most thorough clean it is necessary to hand scrub the deck. It’s as mundane as it sounds but the end result will be well worth the effort. Combine elbow grease with a good deck cleaner for best results.

2.    Choose a cleaner, stick with it and follow the instructions

It’s important to keep track of what deck cleaner you use each time you clean. It’s best to always use the same brand and type of deck cleaner as this allows the product to work more effectively and lowers the chances of flaking and peeling. Once you’ve found a cleaner you’re comfortable with, ensure you follow the label instructions to the letter, as incorrect application of cleaner can damage your deck.

3.    It’s hot and sunny, a perfect day to clean the deck right? Wrong

The best time to work on the deck is in the morning or early evening as sun exposure can cause the deck cleaner to either dry out too early or burn into the deck.

4.    I’ve scrubbed and cleaned, but the deck still looks shabby

If you’ve scrubbed and applied deck cleaner but the deck still looks worse for wear then it’s time to go one step further and use a stain and finish remover. This will help to remove the dirt and sealer remnants that just won’t seem to budge. Remember though, once completed you will have stripped your deck back to the bare timber, leaving it open to weather damage and mildew, which brings us to step 5.

5.     Apply a new stain and sealant

Once your deck is clean, dry and free of dust you can apply your new stain. Once again choose a colour and brand you are comfortable with (preferably one used previously on your deck.) Be sure to follow all label instructions as closely as possible and try to go for a staining treatment which offers both U.V protection and Mildewcide.

6.    Don’t neglect your deck for the rest of the year

The simple act of sweeping your deck throughout the year can prolong its life and improve its appearance. You wouldn’t leave leaves and dirt in your pool and the same goes for your deck. Natural debris holds water and leaving it on your deck will lead to timber rot and mildew.

7.    If in doubt, talk to the experts

If you’re still stuck or you simply don’t have the time to give your deck the attention it deserves, don’t panic, your local Hire A Hubby can help. Every Hire A Hubby team member is expertly trained in deck maintenance and can help restore your outdoor area to mint condition.

Find out more about Hire A Hubby property maintenance services by visiting our website or call us on 1800 803 339.

Start the new year with a Home Health Check

With the frenzy of Christmas and New Years Eve over, January is the perfect time to give your house a check-up and ensure it is safe, secure and fully functional for your family.

Luckily Hire a Hubby franchisees can help with a Home Health Check. The Home Health Check is an audit service where our trained and experienced Hire A Hubby staff provide you with a detailed report of all property maintenance required around your home.

The Home Health Check outlines all general maintenance issues, home improvements and more, but most importantly, the audit ensures you are aware of any home safety issues which require urgent attention to prevent safety risks for your family.

As part of the Home Health Check your local Hire A Hubby Franchisee will audit all internal and external property maintenance requirements around your house, from your front fence right through to the back yard.

Hire A Hubby will report on every item, letting you know whether it is checked and in full working order (C), Faulty (F) or requires replacement (R).

The obligation free audit gives you all the info you need to ensure you home is safe and healthy for 2012, while allowing you to decide when to complete the required maintenance. So there’s no reason not to kick off the New Year with a safe and healthy home for your family!

For more information about the Home Health Check, give your local Hire A Hubby franchisee a call on 1800 803 339 or visit

Adrian is Australia’s Hubby of the Year

Adrian accepting his award with Hire A Hubby Franchise Ambassador Scott Cam and Former Australian Cricketer Nathan Bracken

Adrian Kelly is proud to be the owner of the title ‘Australian Hubby of the year’ – Hire A Hubby that is.

For the second year in-a-row Mr Kelly has risen above strong competition, almost 300 other Hire A Hubby Franchisees nationwide, to take out the overall Franchisee of the Year Award.

The coveted award was judged on gross sales improvement, margin improvement, expenses reduction, commitment to the brand and mentoring and community involvement.

Mr Kelly, a trained carpenter, said he was shocked to take out the prize two years running.

“It’s a huge honour and definitely one I was surprised to receive again this year,” he said.

Adrian said he and his team of ‘down to earth blokes’ were committed to providing good old-fashioned service to the community of South West Victoria.

“My goal has always been to establish my franchise as the property maintenance business of choice across the region, based on our superior workmanship and personal customer service.”

“Winning this award for the second year in-a-row definitely gives me confidence that I’m on the right track to reach that goal.”

Adrian’s business, which began as a simple ‘man in a van’ operation in 2006, has grown to employ seven full time staff operating a fleet of six vehicles and servicing hundreds of homes, offices and factories across the Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Portland, Dunkeld and Hamilton areas.

On top of his two consecutive ‘Franchisee of the Year’ award wins Mr Kelly’s business was recently recognised as ‘Best Regional Business’ and ‘Overall Business of the Year – All Categories’ at the Southern Grampians Shire Business Achievement Awards.

Hire a Hubby CEO Brendan Green said Adrian was thoroughly deserving of all the recognition.

“Not only has Adrian worked incredibly hard with his team to develop and maintain the highest levels of customer service, he is actively involved in mentoring new  franchisees and also undertakes a range of  charity work in his community,” he said.

“On top of all this Adrian still understands the importance of family and work/life balance. He operates his business during school hours only and ensures his employees never work on weekends.”

“Adrian is a great example of what can be achieved in the Hire A Hubby business and is a deserving back-to-back winner of our highest accolade.”

You can find more information about Adrian’s Hire A Hubby business here

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