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Choosing flooring: What are my options?

A number of factors come into consideration when choosing the best floor for your home like the climate you live in, the size and age of your family, and the style you wish to pursue. Not to mention price. It’s not just about choosing timber over carpet, but whether laminated timber effect suits your taste (and budget) over hardwood.

This week our Hubbies give you a run-down on the different types of flooring to help you decide what would best suit you.

Carpet. Carpet flooring can be less expensive and easy to install. It is generally easy to maintain by vacuuming but is susceptible to stains. If you live in a cold climate or a timber house, carpets add warmth to the room and also provide comfort for young children. If you’re a busy household, your carpets may need replacing after 5 years.

Hardwood floors. Timber floors are built to last and are renowned for being sturdy and strong. When polished, they look fantastic but they are also exposed to scratches from furniture such as chairs and tables. They are very easy to maintain through dusting, sweeping and vacuuming and can last 10-15 years if looked after well.

Laminate floors. These are a popular choice for home renovators and first time home buyers looking for a modern appearance without the large price tag. These floors can appear like timber or tile and their versatility means they last up to 10 years.

Tiles. Often you’ll find tiles in the bathroom because they are durable and decorative, but they are less common in the living room. While they appear easy to clean, the grout seams can make it quite difficult, so style and surfaces are important considerations. They can also be quite cold in cooler months. A reseal and grout strip after 10-15 years is often required.

Make sure you choose flooring that suits your taste, budget, practicality and home design. There are plenty of great options out there and shopping around is the best way to go about finding the right price for you.

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Treat yourself to a Hubby with your tax return

It’s tax time and if you’re lucky you might just find yourself with a few extra pennies in your pocket. Why not put your tax return to good use this year and call on the help of one of our Hubbies to tackle those home maintenance jobs you’ve let fall by the wayside.

This week, our hubbies suggest some jobs around the home you could put your tax return towards.


Changing light bulbs in hard to reach places

Everyone has light bulbs around the home that have blown and not been changed simply because they’re out of reach. Whether you have high ceilings or tricky outdoor lights, locate all the bulbs around your home that need replacing and call one of our Hubbies out to help.


Tax time also signals another exciting time of year; school holidays. There are bound to be more sticky fingers and grubby hands touching the walls and post-holidays might be the perfect time to have your walls painted. You might also want to consider brightening up the room by introducing some colour in the form of a feature wall. Our Hubbies are experts when it comes to painting, so start looking at colour swatches and use your tax return to bring a new lease of life to the interior of your home.

Building a cubby house

Fancy building your child a play house? Every child dreams of having a secret hideaway in the backyard so why not use some extra cash to build the kids a cubby house. There are plenty of design inspirations online. Consider a suitable shaded area in the backyard and call on your local Hire A Hubby to get a quote.

Garage shelving

If your garage looks cluttered and tools are getting misplaced it’s probably time to enforce some organisation. One simple way of bringing order to the chaos is to build a shelf. Remember, if you’re going to build a fixed position wall shelf it’s important to consider the position and method when attaching it to the wall. If you’re not confident, give Hire A Hubby a call for a free quote.

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Curtain considerations

You’ve walked into the living room and there’s an air of drabness and an out-dated feel. You’ve got the latest TV, a fancy leather couch and a beautiful rug but lining your windows are the same curtains that came with the house 20 years ago, when coral floral was all the rage.

Out-dated and old fashioned curtains bring down the overall feeling and presentation of your home and this week our Hubbies are sharing their tips on what to consider when purchasing new curtains.

  • First of all, what’s the difference between pencil pleat and eyelet curtains?
    • Pencil pleat has closely gathered folds that look like pencils laid next to one another
    • Eyelet has a row of metal eyelets that allow a rod to pass through
    • If you’re going for a traditional look, then pencil pleat is the way to go Eyelet gives a more contemporary feel to the room, producing a softer, looser fold.
  • Consider the amount of light that comes into the room
    • If your window sees a lot of sunlight, steer clear of delicate fabrics as they will become damaged by the sun
    • Opt for black out curtains if you want to reduce the amount of light in the room.
  • Lined curtains will hang better, make the colour or pattern of the curtain stand out, provide more warmth and shield strong sunlight
  • What about length?
    • Long, floor length curtains look luxurious
    • Short curtains are usually suited to a bathroom or kitchen
  •  Keep the size of the room in mind: floral, heavily patterned or rich-coloured curtains make a space look smaller
  • The colour of the curtains should complement all aspects of the room (ie. walls, carpet and furniture)
  • Patterned curtains will out-date faster than block coloured ones

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A Word from Hire A Hubby Doncaster East: Organisation is Key

Annabelle Hart and Jason Pinder own and operate Hire a Hubby’s Doncaster East territory in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. With four children, two staff, several subcontractors and a growing business, “running the books from home” is a whole lot more involved than the little part-time job Annabelle first envisaged. With all these hats to wear, organisation is key.


I’m a list maker from way back. I make lists about lists. Sometimes my list even says “check other list”, or “check yesterday’s list”. Sometimes I actually read the list; sometimes it’s just the process of writing the list that makes things stick in my head and jump out at the right time; like, “Collect kids from school” or “feed the dog before she eats a hole in the back door”. Some lists I tend to be more stringent about, like “pay electricity bill” and “fix flat tyre”, but I guess that’s the wisdom of experience meets hindsight.

I’m beginning to wonder if lists are contagious, genetic even. In the weeks leading up to his birthday, my son, Mitchell, announced “We’d better make a list” when talking about what needed to be organised and done before the big day. He was six. But then again, not everyone is a list lover. My father thinks lists are ridiculous. He jokes about an old Aunt of mine whose list includes “get out of bed” and “brush teeth”. I daren’t tell him that I’ll often write things on my list that I’ve already done that day, purely for the joy of ticking them off immediately. Wake kids up: check. Walk dog: check. Mow lawns: check. Boy, look how efficient I am, best stop for a coffee… Actually that last one about the lawns is a lie. I don’t mow the lawns anymore. I get Hire A Hubby to do it. Mind you, if I just asked my Hire A Hubby it’d never happen. In the Dictionary According to Men, that’d fall under the category of nagging. No, I find it much more effective to book a job with him. I really do book one too; I send a job request through to his work phone just like one of our customers would, “Mow lawns at Faraday”. I add it to his list, so to speak.

For me, yesterday’s list, without a word of a lie, included: drop kids at school; collect our malfunctioning Gerni high-pressure cleaner from site and return it to Bunnings to be replaced, drive back out to site with a new one so that our client’s paths could sparkle; collect and deliver six flyscreens to be re-sized and mended; collect a concrete saw from site and re-deliver to Kennards hire (picture me in my pink Hire A Hubby shirt being the only girl in the tool shop and trying to look like I knew what to do with such a ghastly looking saw); source a custom made entrance door and door frame for a client’s new house; book a gutter clean, a paving job, and an inside plaster patch and paint; invoice four clients; book our electrician to fix a client’s flashing down-lights and our plumber to replace another’s leaking shed roof; deliver an extra lunch to one forgetful male in the house because in the morning I’d forgotten to put “take sandwiches out of freezer” on my list; collect children from school; cook dinner; clean out our dishwasher filter so it works again; and run two loads of washing.

What wasn’t on the list was, “find some time to relax and have a quiet glass of red”.

By Annabelle Hart

This month, you can visit local Hire A Hubby to get your own “to do list” fridge magnet so you can record and remind yourself about all the property maintenance jobs that need doing.

Chopping bored? Maybe you need to give your kitchen some inspiration!

Whether you’re a master chef in the making or an apprentice, the kitchen is used regularly. And with the cooler months here, you might be spending more time than ever in there. This week our Hubbies give you some handy kitchen renovation ideas to turn it into a focal point of your home.

Paint cabinets:  An effective way to change the whole look of your kitchen is changing its colour. Painting gives your tired old kitchen a modern makeover and depending on the texture of paint you chose, you can give the illusion of a more expensive wood.

Cabinet knobs and handles: While cabinet handles can seem irrelevant in comparison to larger items in the kitchen, you’ll be surprised at the difference changing them can make. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can simply replace old handles with new ones or choose larger handles with more elaborate details to make a statement.

Tiling:  Re-tiling the kitchen can make even the oldest of kitchens look new again. If you don’t feel confident enough to redo the entire kitchen, why not just re-tile the area around the cook top. Contemporary looks include a feature tile or feature design in the middle of this area.

Blinds: Cooking leaves the kitchen home to a myriad of odours and curtains will eventually absorb these. Swapping curtains to blinds might be an easier-to-clean and more practical option.

Shelves: Kitchen cabinets are heavy and make a small kitchen look smaller. Replacing cabinets with shelves will ensure you’ll be able to find all your kitchen appliances easier, minimise counter clutter and give the illusion of a kitchen with more space.

Do these kitchen ideas tickle your fancy? Our expert Hubbies can help you with kitchen makeovers, tiling, carpentry and repairs so give them a call on 1800 803 339 or visit