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Hire A Hubby tips for the perfect Australia Day BBQ!

Australia Day is almost upon us and if you’re lucky enough to have a nice deck and own a shiny big six burner, chances are you’ve been nominated to hold the BBQ lunch for your friends and family…Yikes!

Luckily some of our Hubbies fancy themselves as barbeque masterchefs. They pitched in with these tips, so you’ve got no excuse not to serve up the finest Aussie snags and steaks on January 26.

1.    Clean your BBQ and entertaining area
You don’t want your nearest and dearest seeing your grubby outdoor area, or worse, your filthy BBQ plate! Take some time in advance to sort out your deck (Perhaps check out last week’s blog post) and BBQ. Heat up your BBQ and Using a metal brush, scrape down the hotplate and grill bars. You can then remove any accumulated fat and debris with paper towels.

2.    Preheat your grill

If you’re going to get a good crust on your food and that lovely BBQ flavour, you need your grill plate to be hot before you get started. Preheating also gives you an opportunity to give the BBQ a quick clean and scrape down if you were a little lazy with cleaning last time you used it.

3.     Avoid excess poking, prodding and flipping

It takes time for your meat to develop that lovely golden brown crust and it won’t happen if you’re continually flipping your steaks or snags. Only turn meat once or twice, don’t squash everything down and avoid pricking your sausages, it lets all the lovely juices out.

4.    Charred black is no good

Huge gouts of flames shooting up from your BBQ from excess oil or marinade may look impressive, but the end result is usually black, flavourless meat. For best results ensure your meat is well drained of excess marinade and cut off any excess fat, your taste buds will thank you.

5.    Don’t forget to rest!

If you immediately cut into a piece of un-rested meat, you’ll see juices run out all over your plate. Leaving the meat to sit for up to five minutes will mean all the lovely moisture and flavour stays in the steak, not on the plate. It’s all about letting the muscle fibres relax and take back the juices after the high heat of the BBQ.

And remember – if you’ve got last minute home maintenance jobs that need doing in time for your Australia Day Party, call the experts at Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339 or visit www.hireahubby.com.au.