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How to create a handy home office

The rise of technology based careers means more and more people have the opportunity to work from home. Whether it’s just one day a week, or you base yourself from home, we find most people like to create an environment that separates the home office from the rest of the house. This week we’re taking a look at three important considerations when designing and building the perfect home office. Minimalist design Once upon a time chunky computers, cupboards and cabinets dominated home offices. Now, people tend to take a minimalist approach to home office design. That is, using only the necessary elements (and avoiding office clutter as a result). Think about what you need to work effectively – desk size, storage etc – and then decide on a good combination for the space you’ve got to work with. A great home office doesn’t need a big space (as seen below).

130417 minamalist design

Natural lighting

Does your work involve a lot of writing and reading? If so, you might like to consider a room with natural light (as in the image below). If you don’t have a choice, the alternative is to install suitable lighting. Bringing the outdoors indoors also helps to keep the home office fresh.

130417 natural lighting

Paint colour

You want to choose colours that help boost productivity and make you feel comfortable in the office. Light neutral colours and pastel colours are often best for this as they keep the room feeling fresh and bright. Paint colour can also help isolate the home office from the rest of the living space.

130417 home office

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Five Must-Haves in a Men’s Den

You may recall a certain beer TV commercial (see below) that went to air a number of years ago. Man cave or man sanctuary, rumpus room or pool room – call it what you like – this conjoined garage inspired thousands of blokes across Australia.

Every man dreams of having his own place in the home to do as they please (at least in the decorative sense).  So to coincide with the early rounds of the AFL and NRL footy seasons this year, this week our Hubbies are offering their thoughts on five must-have features in the ideal Aussie men’s den.

1. Liquor cabinet and bar

What’s a men’s den without a place to store your collection of limited edition scotches or prized beer glasses? Whether you want an all-in-one bar and cabinet, or a shelf unit fixed to the wall and a stand-alone bar, there are a number of materials and designs to choose from. Ask your local Hubby about what design would work well in your room.

130410 bar-area-water-feature

2. Wall of Fame

No man cave is complete without somewhere to display your montage of sporting memorabilia, photographs and the signed jersey from your favourite sporting team. This is the ‘feature wall’ of the room, so choose a wall that would make Don Bradman proud.

130410 cricket

3. Trophy display cabinet

You might cop a bit of flak from your mates, but you didn’t win your under 16s grand final for no reason. Your man cave needs a cabinet or shelving system for your trophies to adorn. This is also the spot to store all your other items such as model cars, collectables and autobiographies.

4. TV to rival all others

A man cave is a proud reflection of your inner bloke, so bring the footy game to life with the biggest TV you can find. Ask your local Hire A Hubby about building a bespoke timber cabinet, or the best way to fix it to the wall if you’re tight on space.

130410 tv

5. Lighting

Ask your local Hire A Hubby about the best lighting for the room so you can undertake all mandatory man cave activities from watching football and movies through to playing billiards.

130410 man-cave-main

Whether you want to create a man cave for yourself, or you’re doing it for your husband or partner, give your local Hire A Hubby a call for advice and an obligation free quote on the best way to go about it.

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Building the perfect home theatre

How many of you watched a film over Easter? Whether you’re a Die Hard fan, or Life of Pi is more your thing, have you ever considered turning one of the rooms in your home into your very own home theatre?

130403 family-movies

With the potential to add value to your home, and create something extra fun for your family to do together, this week our Hubbies are giving you some tips to create a dream home theatre room.

Paint colour
Choose warm and neutral colours to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. By keeping to these tones, the room won’t outdate quickly.

Lighting is everything in a home theatre. By installing dimmer lights, you can adjust the mood for every type of movie.

130403 dim-led-lighting-in-the-home

If you have windows in your home theatre room, installing blinds or curtains is a great way to block light out when you want to watch a movie, and to let light in when you like.


Outdoor Theatre
For something a bit different, have you ever thought about building an outdoor theatre? This is a great one for the children and for hosting guests. It’s often as simple as buying a projector and using some white space. Ask your local Hire A Hubby about the best place to do this as it may require installing a white board onto your patio.


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