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Spring life back into your outdoor furniture

Is the furniture on your patio or deck looking a little old? After being exposed to the elements throughout the year, it’s easy to see why outdoor furniture can start to look at a little worse for wear.

The good news is it only takes a little bit of elbow grease – and maybe other oils and paints – to restore its rustic charm, so this week we thought we’d give you a step-by-step guide on how to spring your outdoor wooden furniture back to life.


Outdoor furniture has an uncanny knack of gathering dust, dirt, leaves and cobwebs, so the first step is to give it a good clean before you get to work on restoring it. Use a brush or broom to give it a good scrub, and then give it a good hose down.



Flaking and peeling paint is a telltale sign of weathered furniture. It also seals in moisture causing the wood to rot. The next step in restoring timber furniture is stripping it down to its natural wood.


The next step involved removing rough surfaces by sanding down the piece, going with the grain of the wood. The effort put into this stage affects the overall result and it will be made easier if a good job has been done with the stripping.



The furniture may now look like it’s been robbed of all colour but a stain will quickly remedy this. Apply the stain with a rag or a brush and leave time for it to penetrate through the wood (the longer it is left on, the darker it will be). Wipe off any excess stain with a clean rag and allow it to dry.



Finishes are the final protective layer for your furniture piece. There are plenty of options to choose from with different application methods but varnishes are generally popular because of its durability and high-gloss shine. Whichever you choose, follow the instructions on the packaging to finish with a flourish.



For more information on working with wood, give your local Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or visit the website www.hireahubby.com.au.

The season for home repairs


Ready to give the house some TLC this summer, but not sure where to start? Whether you want to get the house ready for hosting family and friends at Christmas or you’re using the summer break to get those lingering jobs around the home done, it’s sometimes hard knowing where to start.

This week our Hubbies discuss six common summer maintenance jobs to help bring your home up to scratch.

Deck in check
121217 paint

As the year goes by, the deck collects things you haven’t had time to clear up or pack away. Use the time now to really get stuck into the deck – clearing clutter and giving it life with decking oil – as this will be a central entertaining spot over summer. Give your local Hubby a call about a professional clean and polish. This will give your deck an instant ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ appearance. He can also repair any loose or damaged floor boards.



By pressure cleaning windows and walls outside the house, external surfaces will be restored and your home will look close to brand new again. The same applies to driveways and footpaths.


121217 outdoor


With more time spent in the backyard throughout summer, it’s also important to keep your lawn maintained. It’s also snake season, so unruly backyards should be tamed, and free of weeds.



Is the paint starting to peel from your walls, or is the colour of your home looking a bit dull? Avoid getting your hands dirty and have your local Hubby come over to brighten walls inside the house that need a bit of attention.

It’s the small things that count

121217 handyman
Research last year showed that many Aussies left little jobs like fixing the fly screen or a broken towel rack for up to a year to complete. Not to worry if you don’t have the time or skills to fix these nagging jobs, just ask your local Hubby for help.

To have a chat with your local property maintenance expert, call 1800 803 339 or visit the website www.hireahubby.com.au.

Must have tools for every home handyman: a practical guide

Walk into any hardware store and you’ll immediately be confronted by a huge range of tools available for almost any job.

While it can be a little overwhelming, there are a number of tools that every home handyman should have in their possession.

Check out our Hubbies “Top Ten Must Have Home Handyman Tools” below for the most crucial items in any good toolbox.

1.       Hammer

The most basic of all home handyman tools, a curved claw nail hammer with a rubber handle is the pick of the lot. Opting for a rubber handle will provide greater comfort in the long run.

2.       Saw

A cross cut hand saw will get the job done in many circumstances and you can opt for shorter styles that will fit nicely into most toolboxes

3.       6-in-1 Screwdriver

A handy 6-in-1 screwdriver is less expensive than a full screwdriver set and has all the basic heads that you will need including flat and Phillips heads.

 4.       Drill and bits

A cordless drill will minimize the time and elbow grease required for many jobs. While you’re at it buy yourself a quality set of drill bits to ensure you’re equipped for every situation.

 5.       Pliers

Slip joint pliers are your best bet. We guarantee you’ll find yourself reaching for these in many a DIY situation.

6.       Adjustable Spanner / Wrench

Whatever you call this tool, it’s an absolute must have. You’ll find this one particularly handy in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, where leaky taps and fittings often require tightening.

7.       Utility Knife

A good quality utility knife will easily glide through many tough materials and it’s an awful lot safer than reaching for a knife from the kitchen draw. A definite must have.

8.       Spirit Level

A job done well is a job done straight. Judging whether something is straight with your eye is near impossible, so a spirit level is vital for many a DIY task.

9.       Allen Keys

With so much modern furniture requiring assembly these days a decent set of Allen keys can be a Godsend. Good quality sets can be purchased inexpensively from any hardware store.

 10.   Tape Measure

Accurate measurement is essential for producing quality work, meaning the trusty tape measure is the tool that rounds out our list. Ensure you have one in the tool kit.

While there is some expense in purchasing these tools, take it from us, they will be well worth the investment in the long run.  Alternatively, you can simply leave your property maintenance jobs to the experts and give Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or visit www.hireahubby.com.au for more information.