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How to get the most out of your backyard in winter

The great Aussie backyard: a second living room, a party venue, the heart of summertime fun. But as the days get shorter and cooler you may find your backyard isn’t getting as much use as it deserves. This week our Hubbies offer their thoughts on how to ensure the outdoor space is still inviting during the cooler months.

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Create a cosy space

This is the key to maintaining an outdoor lifestyle during winter. Consider adding a wall or fence to your deck, patio, or pergola to create a partially enclosed space that provides protection from the weather. Outdoor rugs, cushions, candles, and lounges are great ways to make your space feel more cosy and inviting.

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Outdoor heating will add instant appeal during winter and is great for outdoor dining and entertaining. There are many options for outdoor heating, including wall mounted heaters and fire pits. A built-in fire pit can be a stunning feature and what better way to enjoy your backyard during winter than around the fire with friends.

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Maximise precious winter sunlight by cutting back trees or plants that may be blocking the sun. You may find you only need to lop off a few branches but remember chainsaws and falling branches can be extremely dangerous if you are inexperienced, so consult a Hubby if you’re beyond your skill level.

Food tip: Don’t forget many healthy and delicious vegetables love the winter months and tending to a veggie patch is a great way to get the family outside. Broccoli, onions, garlic and spinach are perfect for a winter veggie garden, so give your local Hubby a call to bring your vege garden to life.


Bring the outside in

Finally, you can enjoy your backyard even when you’re rugged up inside. Big windows help fight the winter blues and allow the sunshine entry. This may be a good time to have your windows and doors cleaned. High pressure cleaning will remove any grime build-up around window frames and sliding doors. Replacing windows and doors are also options to improve the outlook and French and bi-fold doors are a great way to frame the view.

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Making your home eco-friendly

How environmentally responsible are you at home? Ever thought of the cost your livelihood has on the environment (or on your wallet)?

This week our ‘Hubbies’ are sharing five handy tips to transform your home into an eco-haven to help you save money and do something good for Mother Nature.

Installing insulation

As discussed in an earlier post about what people wish they had added to their home makeover, people generally don’t think about installing insulation in their home. The Australian summer, as we all very well know, can be unbearable at times resulting in people blasting their air-conditioners. This may be a saviour to the hot weather, but at the same time it hurts the environment and stings your pocket.

Have a think about installing insulation in the roof of your home; the benefits include all year round reduction of heat entering the home through the ceiling and decrease in energy costs. Ask your local Hire A Hubby for more details.

Environmentally friendly windows

Choose the best windows and glazing for your climate. After insulation, it’s the next cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable all year round. A lot of heat passes in and out through windows and doors, so the type of glass and frames you choose can make a world of difference. PVC frames, for example, offer great insulating qualities and are low maintenance.


Use paving materials that let water soak through rather than run off into the stormwater drain. Speak to one of our Hubby’s about the best options for pavements around your home that don’t seal off the natural environment. These options range from well-laid paving, gravel, crushed quartz and washed river pebbles and provide a long-lasting, low maintenance surface.

Second-hand timber

Whether you are building a cubby house for the kids, garden shed or a backyard fence ask your local Hire A Hubby about using recycled timber.

Replace light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs lasts six times longer than standard light bulbs. Not only do you change them less often, but you use up to 80 percent less energy. Next time Hire A Hubby comes around to change your light bulbs, ask them about energy saving light bulbs.

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