Our very own Cronulla Hubby Greg Smith gets the job done

If you watched Channel 9’s Celebrity Apprentice this year, you may have noticed some of our very own stars. Greg Smith, who runs Hire a Hubby Cronulla, was invited to join the celebrities to manage a much needed makeover project for the Don Bosco House in Marrickville.

He was joined by a handful of our Hubbies who lent a hand on the three day project which included painting, landscaping, installing new blinds and curtains and removing old sheds and rubbish.


The Don Bosco House represents a not for profit organisation, providing a safe place for young people requiring emergency care.

Here’s what Greg had to say about the experience…

“The celebrities put a massive effort into the project. Most put in a 16 hour shift in the first day.”

“Dawn Fraser was particularly impressive. At 75 years of age and still doing the hard yakka really showed me why she was an Aussie legend.

“All celebrity egos were also put aside. They were just a really down to earth bunch and everyone put in for the cause.

“Some of the celebrities had no renovation experience and some had never even painted before, yet they put a brush in their hand to help for a cause they believed in and at the end of the day it was a positive, eye opening experience.

“My highlights were:

  • Warrick Capper telling me at lunch on day 2 that he does not have an ego!
  • Having a chat with a living legend – Dawn Fraser – over a coffee at morning tea
  • Watching an Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Stephanie Rice taking hours to assemble a kids mini pool table
  • Being called upon with four minutes remaining to put together a ping pong table for Jeff Fenech which he’d spent the past hour trying assemble

Stay tuned for more stories from our Hubbies!


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