Hire A Hubby offers helping hand

Our ‘Hubbies’ help residents and businesses with property maintenance jobs, but as business owners they are also have a greater role in the community.

Just recently, our Hubby from Hopper’s Crossing, Grant Carr, received a state award for his commitment to giving local job seekers a fair go.

Grant received the CRS Australia Victoria and Tasmania ‘Small Employer’ award at an awards night at Etihad Stadium attended by Senator Kim Carr (image below).

The awards night recognised employers giving sustainable employment opportunities to Australians with a disability, injury or health condition through Commonwealth Recruitment Services (CRS) Australia.

Here’s what Grant had to say: “I didn’t expect this award at all but I’m delighted.”

“I’m grateful to be in a position where I can offer people employment and it’s rewarding working with a team and learning more about how to get the best out of each other.

“They aren’t just there to work, they value the employment. It’s about spending time with them properly, training them and working out what their strengths and weaknesses are to work better as a team, just like any good workplace.”

Congratulations Grant! You’re an inspiration to other small employers.



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