Flush bad odours down the drain: with Hubby tips

No matter how clean your bathroom may look and feel, eventually you’ll have to deal with a smelly drain due to a natural build up of soaps, human hair or organic waste among other things.

Unblocking your home drain system (or preventing it from being blocked) is an essential property maintenance job and this week our Hubbies are sharing their tips on how to effectively manage your household drainage system.

  • If your kitchen, bathroom or laundry drains are producing an unflattering odour, chances are you have a blockage.
  • A bad blockage will need a professional service. You may need to have the “P” trap removed to clean the areas separately. The “P” is the “P” shaped pipe that most household drains have.
  • Maintaining your home drainage system is simple with some of the great products on the market. Don’t forget there are environmentally responsible alternatives so you’re not flushing toxic chemicals down the drain and into your garden.

If the thought of cleaning your drains makes you squirm, it might be time to call Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339. Did you know our Hubbies also do bathroom and kitchen renovations, tiling and grouting?


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