Autumn is here – Hire A Hubby tips for Autumn leaves

Autumn has arrived and that means deciduous trees will start dropping their leaves everywhere including into your gutters and onto your deck.

Luckily Hire A Hubby is here to help, so break out the rake and your gardening gloves – it’s time to clean up the leaves.


If you have autumn trees (deciduous) around your property, there’s every chance leaf litter is going to end up in your gutters. This can sometimes be unavoidable, but the tips below should help you get your gutters sparkling clean.

  • Never lean on the gutter system. This can cause damage to the system, as guttering is not made to support a person’s weight.
  • Be sure to use safe, strong ladders that will easily reach the height of your gutters. Stretching from a ladder that is not quite high enough is an accident waiting to happen.
  • Downpipes that become clogged can easily be washed out using a garden hose. If debris has become lodged and will not come out with the hose, you can use a plumber’s snake, or even just a long piece of wire.


Leaves left to rot on your deck are a major cause of damage to timber decking. The sap and organic chemicals in the leaves will eventually eat through your deck sealant and into the timber, causing mould, rot and decay. Follow these tips and ensure your deck is a leaf free zone.

  • A regular sweep of your deck is the best thing you can do. Leaves will only damage your decking if left to decompose. During autumn it’s important to check the deck regularly and get your sweep on!
  • A common problem is leaves stuck between decking boards. Try putting a screw hook on the end of a broom handle and simply fishing them out. If your boards are too close together, tape the end of a coat hanger onto the handle.
  • If your deck has already taken significant damage and needs a deep clean and reseal, check out our tips here


So you might be thinking that autumn leaves are all bad, but they can actually be great in the garden. Check out the tips below to see how to use those autumn leaves to your advantage.

  • Autumn leaves are great additions to your compost pile especially when chopped or shredded. Leaves are a great source of “brown,” high-carbon material for the compost and should be combined with some green material (lawn clippings, vegetable scraps, etc).
  • Shredded leaves can also be used as organic mulch. Simply apply a two or three inch layer of shredded leaves to your garden beds, keeping the mulch from directly touching the stems of your plants. The mulch will help the soil retain moisture, stay cool, and limit weeds.
  • If you decide to simply mow leaves into your lawn, rather than raking them up don’t worry! After being mown in, leaves will actually break down over winter, providing your soil with nutrients and shading the soil, resulting in fewer weeds.

Autumn leaves getting on top of you? Call the professionals at Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339 or visit our website for more info


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